DHL IT Services Collaborates with EcoKnights to host a Sustainability Camp for Yayasan Chow Kit Youths

25th Nov 2015

23rd November, Ulu Hati, Ulu Langat – DHL IT Services, together with EcoKnights, collaborated to organize the recent Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp for 14 Yayasan Chow Kit youths. The Knights of Nature sustainability camp is a flagship program of EcoKnights which is organized annually and aims to inculcate environmental awareness and empower youths to take positive actions for a better planet.

The youths from the Yayasan Chow Kit consists of youths with an age range between 13 to 18 years old. Many of the youths come from various ethnic backgrounds such as Rohingyas, Burmese, and Indonesia, to name a few.

The camp was designed to be a two day one night camp at Ulu Hati. Set across the backdrop of lush greenery and a well-managed farm, Pak Din, the owner and host of the camp gave a warm welcome to the youths and treated everyone with great spirit and enthusiasm.

Day one did not start off too well as the bus that was used to ferry the youths unfortunately got stuck in a puddle of mud nearby the campsite. However, with the help of the energetic youths and Pak Din, they managed to pull the bus out of the puddle. That situation has already gave us positive vibes for these youths.

The chairperson of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid gave an opening speech to start off the activities. EcoKnights and Pak Din has also prepared various activities to keep the youths entertained and educated. Pak Din gave a tour of his farm but before that, all the participants were required to set up their own tents.

Later on, EcoKnights invited Webby to present his iconic Turbo Charge Learning for the kids. Webby’s aim was to guide the youths into improving their critical thinking and their study methods in school. The youths had fun learning and even showed positive results when Webby tested their skills.

The program continued with the youths grouping to form their own teams where they had to create a team name and also a flag. The next assignment was geared towards brain storming on ideas or ways to improve Chow Kit area in terms of tourism, infrastructure and social elements respectively. The youths pulled it off well and gave brilliant ideas that if can be materialized would serve as great starting points to improve the livelihood of youths in Chow Kit area.

During the evening, the youths had their first experience of horse riding. Their expressions of fear quickly turned into laughter and excitement when they got used to the horse. Thanks to Pak Din’s amazing lessons. After a fun horse riding session, Pak Din then prepared the Ulu Hati Volleyball for the teams to compete. That all happened under the rain but that did not stop the kids from having fun.  Apart from that, they fished for tilapias in Pak Din’s fish pond and had a dip into the swimming pool. In between all these fun outdoor activities, the lesson that was driven through was about management of the environment, and appreciation of nature.

After those tiring physical activities, Pak Din prepared an amazing barbeque feast for dinner during the night. Everyone enjoyed and ate like kings. After the dinner, EcoKnights screened an environment related film titled The Lorax and called it a night.

The next morning, EcoKnights Sam took lead of the kids into having an energetic Zumba exercise to start off the day. It was a good sight to see the youths being so energized for the upcoming activities. Pak Din then load everyone up to a lorry to be brought to the Perdik Falls for a visit and some jungle trekking.

On the site, the youths were greeted by En. Mat, the guide to bring the kids up to the waterfall. He gave great tips advices about the forest and also shared survival tips. Apart from that, the youths had the time of their lives splashing around at the waterfall.

After lunch, EcoKnights gave them their final activity which is called the Amazing Race. The activity consists of multiple environmental questions and teamwork-oriented tasks. Although the activity was long and tiring but these youths still can find that energy in them to keep on going.

Before sending them back home, EcoKnights sat together with the youths to have a sharing and reflection session regarding the camp and the activities. They shared about their favorite activity, what they have learnt and so on. The session then proceeded into the prize giving ceremony where each team received a hamper while everyone walked home with a special goody bag.

To sum it up, the youths enjoyed the camp and wished for it to be longer as well. Pak Din gave a goodbye speech and sent them off. From there onwards, the youths went back into the bus and went on its way to bring them back home. It was a memorable and enjoyable day for both Yayasan Chow Kit Youths and EcoKnights.

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